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Being an outdoorsman I spend a lot of time out in nature. It gives me the opportunity to find all kinds of interesting pieces to create unique items such as the fairy house and bird sanctuary you will see when you visit my photo gallery. I'm also a rockhound  and have been working to combine wood and stone and soon will have some very creative pieces to show you.

I have a passion for working with wood and stone and a vivid imagination when it comes to design and color.

Searching backyard lumber mills and scrap bins at the hardwoods store allows me the opportunity to find beautiful pieces of wood in unique shapes and sizes to create my one of a kind pieces allowing the wood to take center stage.
When I first saw epoxy being used in different ways it was natural for me to combine the two. Any "painted" pieces you see in my web store are made of wood then get my epoxy treatment.
The process of painting with epoxy is nothing like using any kind of paint, it can take up to a 3 or 4 hours before the epoxy starts to catlyze allowing the colors to flow and mix into each other creating some wild and abstract designs. All my pieces are one of a kind but having worked with this technique for a while I can get fairly close reproductions of some designs.
I also use exotic hardwoods or figured native hardwoods without any color for a stunning natural finish.

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I also do custom work as can be seen in my photo gallery, my techniques can be used in a variety of ways. Aside from the beautiful wall art I have created tub and shower enclosure (photo below) counter tops (photo right bottom)  table tops just to name a few. 

I also enjoy combining several woods in several layers to add depth and interest creating an almost 3-D effect. These are stunning. See photo to the right.

shower surrond
3-d art, six different woods, seven layers
bathroom vanity top